Your team, our team. teamINABANGA.


The Municipal Officials


Josephine Socorro "Roygie" C. Jumamoy

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Vice Mayor

Rodrigo "Ronie" U. Jumamoy

Ronnie is a veteran public servant having served various elective positions in the municipality from Barangay Captain, Sangguniang Bayan Member and now the Vice-Mayor. The Ian Veneracion of teamINABANGA, he masters the art of pub service. A devoted family man, Ronnie in his spare time plays basketball and lawn tennis.



Jose Jono C. Jumamoy

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Lea Escala.jpeg

Amalia "Lea" A. Escala

The Maja Salvador of teamINABANGA, Lea is a nurse by profession and  formerly a Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federated President from 1996 - 2001. Raised by her business-minded mother at an early age, she’s exposed to various groups of people across all generations. She has good inter-personal skills and likes reading, dancing and cooking.


Panti Alesna.jpg

Francisco "Pantie" L. Alesna Jr.

The Gerald Anderson of teamINABANGA, Panti is from a family of achievers. A businessman and a son of former Board Member, he acquired the values of discipline and will to serve at an early age. He is a father of five successful children and likes fishing, swimming and lawn tennis in his free time.


Alex Lofranco.jpg

Alexander "Alex" A. Lofranco

Alex as he is fondly called is the Coco Martin of Sangguniang Bayan. His father being a former politician influenced him to be a public servant as well. A good provider to his family of five children, Alex likes to play basketball.


Perlas Melloria.jpg

Ma. Perlas M. Milloria

The Jodi Sta. Maria of teamINABANGA, she is a veteran barangay public servant who completed two terms as barangay councilor and three terms as Punong Barangay. Her public service experience has shaped her to be a true public servant. A mother of three, she likes dancing, singing and gardening.

Cesar Bautista.jpg

Cesario "Cesar" B. Bautista

A veteran in public service having served two terms as Barangay Kagawad and three terms as Barangay Captain and sat as an Ex-Officio member of the Sangguniang Bayan, Cesar or Aga Muhlach to many, is an expert in dealing the grassroots level. A good husband and father of two daughters, Cesar is an advocate in barangay affairs and youth and sports.

Nanet Vallente.jpg

Antonietta "Nanet" M. Vallente

Nanette or Janice De Belen, as her friends called her, is a former Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Chairman and a Barangay Captain. Born from a family of public servant, the passion to serve runs in her blood. A loving wife and mother, she is fond of reading, dancing and watching TV.


Nick Taño.jpg

Nicomedes "Nick" T. Taño

Nick is a graduate of BS Customs Administration. The Derek Ramsy of teamINABANGA, he has worked in various capacities in the LGU before he became a three-term Councilor and assumed his father’s legacy to be a public servant. A father of four, Nick likes basketball and lawn tennis.


Dodong Jumamoy.jpg

Rodulfo "Dodong" J. Jumamoy

A retired educator holding a Masters Degree and formerly a school principal, Dodong or Daniel Padilla, is expert in information dissemination. Being a Punong Barangay of Barangay Poblacion, he sits currently as an Association of Barangay Council (ABC) President of the Sangguniang Bayan focusing on barangay development programs.