The Municipality of Inabanga values education as a basic foundation of each constituent’s future contributing to a well-educated community living a better quality of life.

Inabanga, being composed of 50 barangays, has been divided into two Districts by the Department of Education (DepEd) - the DepEd Inabanga South District and DepEd Inabanga North District. Each district has its own organizational structure headed by District Supervisor so they can properly implement, monitor and coordinate DepEd’s programs. The Municipality has 1 vocational / technical school (TESDA), 5 secondary schools (4 public and 1 private), 20 complete elementary schools and 27 primary schools.

The DepEd Inabanga South District is composed of the barangays of Badiang, Bahan, Banahao, Cagawasan, Canlinte, Cawayan, Ilihan, Dagnawan, Dagohoy, Lomboy, Lonoy Cainsican, Lonoy Roma, Lutao, Luyo, Mabuhay, Sto. Rosario, Tambooc, Tungod, U-og and Ubujan. It has a total of 7 Primary Schools, 13 Elementary Schools and 2 High Schools.

The DepEd Inabanga North District is composed of the barangays of Anonang, Baguhan, Baogo, Bugang, Cagayan, Cambitoon, Cuaming, Dait Sur, Datag, Fatima, Hambongan, Ilaya, Lawis, Lapan Norte, Liloan Norte, Liloan Sur, Ma. Rosario, Nabuad, Napo, Ondol, Riverside, San Isidro, San Jose, Sto. Nino and Sua. It has a total of 10 Primary Schools, 16 Elementary Schools and 4 High Schools.

Both districts enjoy the full support from the municipality. The Special Education Fund (SEF) is yearly given to the two districts to augment the implementation of their plans and programs. The municipality also regularly conducts school-related programs that addresses their needs and distributes free dental and hygiene kits to pupils.